Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Ever Essential Diaper Bag

What mother feels complete without the ever essential diaper bag?! It seems to be an extension of our bodies when our children are young. Mary Poppins has nothing on us when it comes to what all can be found in our diaper bags. However, the mass market in the past 10 years has had little to choose from for those who wish to be individual, expressive, and not the carrier of a non-descript black bag. Thank goodness the past two or three years, people have begun to express their desire for something creative, something colorful, and something befitting the individual.

I've made quite a few diaper bags now, but these remain my favorite and are also the most recent. The fabrics to choose from are endless and my imagination loves the infinite possibilities! I don't use patterns, and each bag is unique. Like the purses, all you must do is request the number of pockets and you shall have them!

Front view: This bag is all about pattern for a Mother and still being boyish enough for, well, a boy. There is a cute little front button up pocket and zipper closure top.

Side view: Reinforced straps and side pocket for a bottle

Inside view: two pockets and lots of room in this everyday bag to hold just about anything yet not be cumbersome.

Front view: Another everyday bag, but this time all about Mamma!, with three pockets
Side view, including pocket for sippy cup or bottle

Inside view with two pockets and two elastic bands for bottles or sippy cups

This beauty is a mammoth. It is for the parent of several young children or for a weekend trip.

The Front view has two pockets and a key fob for Mother's essential things, with zipper closure atop the bag

The Back view of the bag shows the flange, the quilted base fabric and two more pockets, perfect for bottles or sippy cups

Inside view four pockets plus three elastic bands for bottles or sippy cups


  1. Rachel do you by chance sale your diaper bags? I am looking to get one of cow print for my best friend. thank you!

  2. I am not able to do this at present, due to recuperating from breast cancer. I appreciate your interest! If I am able to return to selling/making I will post here.