Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Ever Essential Diaper Bag

What mother feels complete without the ever essential diaper bag?! It seems to be an extension of our bodies when our children are young. Mary Poppins has nothing on us when it comes to what all can be found in our diaper bags. However, the mass market in the past 10 years has had little to choose from for those who wish to be individual, expressive, and not the carrier of a non-descript black bag. Thank goodness the past two or three years, people have begun to express their desire for something creative, something colorful, and something befitting the individual.

I've made quite a few diaper bags now, but these remain my favorite and are also the most recent. The fabrics to choose from are endless and my imagination loves the infinite possibilities! I don't use patterns, and each bag is unique. Like the purses, all you must do is request the number of pockets and you shall have them!

Front view: This bag is all about pattern for a Mother and still being boyish enough for, well, a boy. There is a cute little front button up pocket and zipper closure top.

Side view: Reinforced straps and side pocket for a bottle

Inside view: two pockets and lots of room in this everyday bag to hold just about anything yet not be cumbersome.

Front view: Another everyday bag, but this time all about Mamma!, with three pockets
Side view, including pocket for sippy cup or bottle

Inside view with two pockets and two elastic bands for bottles or sippy cups

This beauty is a mammoth. It is for the parent of several young children or for a weekend trip.

The Front view has two pockets and a key fob for Mother's essential things, with zipper closure atop the bag

The Back view of the bag shows the flange, the quilted base fabric and two more pockets, perfect for bottles or sippy cups

Inside view four pockets plus three elastic bands for bottles or sippy cups

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Purses too

Well, Cutsie Tootsie isn't just all about dresses and tutus, though that is a fun part! We also do purses and cosmetic bags. Each is as individual as the person it is made for, and no two are ever exactly the same. However, if you see one you like, let us know and we will create for you your own creative masterpiece!
Such as:
The Elvis cosmetic bag
Outside view

Inside view

For a very special friend of mine whose husband was becoming a franchise owner of Chik-fil-A
there is the Cow Print purse
Front view

Back view

And for those wonderful date nights or girls' night outs, here is a wonderful Silver & Black silk evening bag
Outside view

Inside view

And for that wonderful time when winter's chill is finally gone and the fresh breath of spring hints of flowers and warm sunshine, the Cottage Garden bag

Outside view

Inside view

One thing you will find with everyone of our purses or bags is that you will never lack for pockets! Simply request the number and I will make certain to fit them in however possible. Prices are negotiable, ranging for these particular styles, $7-35.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Half Pillow Case Dress

I bought a lovely set of pillow cases at the thrift store for less than a dollar. My intent for them was solely to make M&M two dresses/nightgowns out of them. My little one would wear dresses and nightgowns only if I had enough of them that she didn't have to wear pants!

This first one ended up being a half pillow case dress, because one of the pillow cases had damage to the top portion. However, I had some pink fabric that matched it perfectly. I came up with the back without a pattern:

When she grows some more, all I have to do is changed the straps and take the button and loop off and she'll get some more wear out of it.
I may not use the same exact pattern, or even a true pillow case but I would charge $10-$30 for a pillow case dress, depending on size and detail.

Halloween and Face Painting

I know its been like seven months since Halloween, but I'm just now getting around to posting about it. Trust me, its been a little busy around here!!!! lol

First of all, my dear M&M wanted to be a fairy butterfly for Halloween and I was determined to make the child a pettiskirt to go with her outfit.

And then she said she wanted her face painted...
not just painted, but painted to look like a butterfly and that mommy could do it! Apparently mommy has superpowers I don't know about, but of course, I tackled another thing I'd never done before, watching some youtube videos and came up with this:

And although I wasn't wearing a costume, I decided M&M (and JJ dressed and painted face of a lion) were having so much fun, that I would have some, too. M&M had the full face butterfly, but I went with the half butterfly:

Here are my munchkin and me with our suprisingly cute faces:

Little Girl's Crocheted Hat

I had the most fun making this one for my daughter, M&M! I've always wanted to tackle hats and this one was so much easy. I just love the edging on it.

who can say "no" to those blue eyes!! even as her mother, I find it very hard!

Here is a view of the back

I can make these for any size child. I would just need a few measurements emailed to me, and I charge $8-$20 depending on detail, trim, and size. My email is if you have any questions

Hat and Scarf

I love color! and my favorite color happens to be olive green, and pretty much any other shade of green. So when I found this soft olive green yarn I just had to make something out of it! I paired it with a russet color for a unique look.

and of course, no set would be complete without flowers!!

The sad part to my creation is that my mother stole it. yes, my sweet little minimaw mother! shocking isn't it!
...its okay though, the hat ended up being just a tad small for me with my thick hair and my mother's fuzzy wuzzy head was kept warm in it and the scarf was perfect for her to use when having her port accessed for chemo treatments. I think I might just forgive her for stealing it...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hairbows! Get your Hairbows!!!!

Here are some pictures of our hair accessories. All items are made by hand, whether crocheted or made of ribbon. We also do custom pieces.
This our red tulle rose with irredescent seed bead center

Here is a peach rose with red center

These are pink roses with irridescent seed bead centers. one is a pin, the other a hairclip

A sweet crocheted white flower, with yellow center, accented with a baby pearl button. The clip itself is wrapped in yellow.

An adorable duo layer crocheted flower in white and yellow and white center, with a white wrapped clip.

This is a hot pink bow with yellow center

We also carry basic hairbows, in green, yellow, pink, and white

My daughter's favorite is the plaid pink and green bows, comes two to a set

And for team spirit, there is the orange and black bow

Here is the example of our basic yellow bow

This is the double layer red bow, available for custom colors in the same style

Of course, to match that little girl's Christmas outfits, you need a Christmas bow!

This one is a lot of fun for fall and comes in velcro baby size and child size
It is orange, black, purple, and green.

Another favorite is the pink with white pokadot.

This adorable one is two layers of pink and goes great with our pink tutu!The bottome ribbon has cute little hearts on it.

What girl wouldn't love this one?! It is also available in the baby velcro and child size. Hot pink with black pokadots and comes two to a set, except in baby sizes.

Great for football days and fall, this one is yellow with and orange center.

And, we must mention the Minnie Mouse hairbow! The top layer ribbon is available in baby velcro, while the child size is as seen here.

If you have any questions or wish to place an order leave a comment and I'll get back with you!